Board Certified Interventional Cardiology


05/94 -04/01 : MD, Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru

06/03 -06/06: Cardiology fellowship, Univ. Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru

04/07 -07/09: Research fellowship, Cardiovascular Research Lab, Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, University of Miami, Miami, FL

08/09 -08/11 : Internal Medicine Residency, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL.

08/11- 06/12: Geriatric Medicine Fellowship, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL.

07/12—06/15: Cardiology Fellowship, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA.

07/15-06/16: Interventional Cardiology Fellowship, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA.


05/01 -05/03 : Primary Care, underserved area, Ministry of Health, Amazonas, Peru.

06/06-04/07: Staff physician, National Mayor de San Marcos Clinics, Lima, Peru.


Our Lady of the Angels Hospital
433 Plaza St.
Bogalusa, LA 70427

North Oaks Medical Center
15790 Paul Vega MD Drive,
Hammond, LA 70403

Lakeview Regional Medical Center
95 Judge Tanner Blvd
Covington, LA 70433

St Tammany Parish Hospital
1202 S. Tyler St.
Covington LA 70433

Slidell Memorial Hospital
1001 Gause Boulevard
Slidell, LA 70458


Chronic Total Occlusions


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Oral Presentations

-Enc[ovascular Closure of Ascending Aorta Pseudoaneurysm. VIVA Fellows Competition. Las Vegas. 2015.

-Succesful antegrade dissection reentry for Instent Restenosis of Total Chronic Coronay occlusion. CRT 2015, Washington DC.

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-TCTMD Fellows Forum http://www.tctmd.cotn/show.aspx?icl=130657. htlp :// [md. co Ill/show. a spx? id- 133323


-Fellow of the year. Geriatric Medicine Fellowship. University of Miami/VAMC. 2012 -M elvin L. Marcus Young Investigator Awards in Cardiovascular Science. Finalist.

American Heart: Association, November 2008.

43est basic science poster. Cardiovascular Research Symposium. University of Miami, Miami FL. Feb 2008.


Mentor, Students Training in Research Program, University of Miami, Miami, FL, 2010


ABIM Internal Medicine, 2011
ABIM Geriatric Medicine, 2012
Board Certified Nuclear Cardiology, 12/2014

Board Certified Echocadiography, 7/2015
BLS/ACLS, 8/2015
Board Certified Cardiovascular Diseases, 1/2016


American Heart Association, From 2007 to 2009
American Medical Association, From 2009 to now
American College of Physicians, 2009-2011
Florida Medical Association, 2009-2011

Fellow, American College of Cardiology, 7/2012 to now
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, 1/2014 to now
Radiology Society of North America, 1/2015 to now


Catheterizations and Cardiovascular Interventions, From 2012 to now
Cardiology (Karger), From 2013 to now
The Oschner Journal, From 2014 to now
International Journal of Stroke, From 2014 to now


DOCS Community Health Fair, University of Miami, Miami, FL. 2009-10